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↳ remember the croquembouche

It's like one step forward and two steps back
No matter what I do you're always mad
And I, I can't change your mind

RED + hidden messages

5 Seconds of Summer (Album) Movie Poster

Self-esteem should have nothing to do with what you look like – if you exude genuine confidence, people will be swept into it. You have to be able to hold yourself.” - Gillian Anderson

Happiness and confidence are the prettiest things you can wear.

“Leslie Knope got her dream job, had kids, and is basically running the world on JJ’s waffles and friendship. What more do you want, Academy? I suppose if Pawnee had an emotionally unavailable nerd in a Flash t-shirt, it could finally get the respect it deserves.”

shots fired by Bustle, on the 2014 Emmy Snubs

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All of Leslie’s compliments to Ann


isn’t that just the greatest banner you ever did see?

It’s incredible, I know. ANYWAY, I’ve decided that my follow forever really needs a bit of a mix-up. My last one was in 2012, and since then I’ve had url changes, fandom changes, new tv shows, new friends, new meetups!, and basically a lot of shit has gone down. So it’s time for something new. All of the people on the list are people who cheer me up, who listen to me rant about things, who trust me enough to come and ask for advice - which is pretty incredible - and I pretty much will cry if you all don’t show up to my wedding to Tom Hiddleston. Just saying. 

So, without further ado.

people i wouldn’t be here without {hover pls};

bianca ♣  delphine ♣  madge ♣ mikela ♣ 

and those who i really want to eat pizza with at 4am and talk about dinosaurs and stuff {bolded = i might even let you have the last slice of pizza i probably won’t}


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i love u guys more than i love dwight (and that’s a lot)


👭💖 (at Wroxham Broad)